A comparative study of date leaves

From the literatures we found that poly-phenolic compounds like tannin have significant free radical scavenging activity in bacterial associated diseases. Based on the above information of Psidium guajava is selected for this Research work to separate the tannin fraction from the Psidium guajava Linn. For study the anti-bacterial activity of tannin fraction of Psidium guajava separated from leaf and bark.

A comparative study of date leaves

A comparative study of date leaves

Photosynthesis rate, invasive species, Red maple, Norway maple, Eastern Deciduous Forest Disciplines Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Forest Biology Plant Biology Population Biology Abstract Invasive species, such as the Norway Maple, are often able to outcompete native species, such as the Red Maple by performing more efficiently in the environment compared to the native species.

In this study, we examined if the Norway maple was able to outcompete the Red Maple in the Eastern Deciduous Forest because the Norway Maple had a higher rate of photosynthesis. The study found that the Norway Maple leaves had a slightly higher rate of carbon dioxide consumption than Red Maple leaves and that the Red Maple leaves had a higher rate of oxygen production compared to the Norway Maples.

Since these differences were not statistically significant, the data suggested that the differences in the rate of photosynthesis between the two tree species is most likely very small. This suggests that the rate of photosynthesis is most likely not the advantage Norway Maples have over Red Maples that allows this invader to better compete for space in a forest.

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Biomedical Research

A Journal of Undergraduate Student Research 19 Comparative study of minerals showed that the amount of Mn Ca Cu Cr Fe and K was greater in leaves in case of D.

stramonium whereas in case of N. oleander Cr K and Zn were found in greater quantity in gemmomodified extract.

A comparative study of date leaves

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The leaves of eight vegetable plants: Vernonia amygdalina, Baphia nitida, Acalypha torta, Alchornea cordifoliia, Lansianthera africana, Gongronema latifolium, Hensia crinata, Telfairia A Comparative Study of the Antioxidant Properties of some Edible and Medicinal Seeds and Leaves Consumed in and.

Comparative Study

. The present study is a comparative study of certain biochemical parameters in normal and infected leaves of some important plants. The total amino acid and flavonoid contents were less in infected leaves when compared with normal leaves. James Palm Stober is the author of A comparative study of winter and summer leaves of various herbs ( avg rating, 0 ratings, 0 reviews).

The aim of this study is determine of ß-asarone contents of Sweet Flag (A. Calamus L.) between rhizome and leaves by HPTLC method. Rhizome and leaves of Sweet Flag (A. Calamus L.) extracted by Stahl steam distillation.