As you like it as a romantic comedy critical analysis

This pretty much tells your reader that you know zilch about romantic comedy, but by damn you know what you like. So how do you critique romantic comedy? The same way you critique anything: I would suggest discussing the romance and the comedy.

As you like it as a romantic comedy critical analysis

Oliver enters and a heated argument ensues. The next day Duke Frederick, his daughter Celia, and his niece Rosalind witness the competition. Charles has subdued his first three opponents, but Orlando manages to defeat his adversary. Orlando is immediately taken by her charm, yet he finds himself speechless to thank her.

Rosalind, daughter of the banished Duke Senior whom Frederick has usurped, tells Celia that she has fallen in love with Orlando. They decide to travel in disguise, Rosalind as Ganymede, a young man, and Celia as Aliena, a peasant girl.

Duke Frederick is enraged when he learns that his daughter and Rosalind have fled. He believes Orlando is with them and plans a search party, led by Oliver, to find them. Orlando, meanwhile, has learned from Adam that Oliver is plotting to have him killed, and they make plans to leave the court for the countryside.

Rosalind and Celia, now in disguise, arrive in the Forest of Arden along with Touchstone. There they overhear a young shepherd, Silvius, tell an old Shepherd, Corin, of his love for Phebe, a shepherdess who has spurned his affections.

Orlando and Adam, in the meantime, have arrived in another part of the forest. Adam becomes weak with hunger, and Orlando sets out in search of food. He soon discovers the banished Duke Senior and his court and confronts them with his sword drawn.

Duke Senior greets him with kindness, however, and invites him to share in his feast. Orlando agrees and leaves to bring Adam to safety.

As you like it as a romantic comedy critical analysis

Obsessed by his love for Rosalind, Orlando writes poems about her and hangs them on trees. Rosalind discovers the poems and is critical of their literary merit, but when she learns they are by Orlando, she has a change of heart. She meets Orlando, who does not recognize her in her male disguise, and offers to cure him of his lovesickness if he will court her as if she were Rosalind.

Touchstone, in the meantime, has begun courting Audrey, a goatherd, and Silvius has continued to pursue the shepherdess he loves.

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Phebe, however, has fallen in love with Rosalind in her Ganymede disguise. Orlando meets with Rosalind and tells her how he would charm and win his beloved.

When he reveals that Orlando was wounded by the lioness, Rosalind faints. Oliver confesses to Orlando that he has fallen in love with Celia. Rosalind, still in disguise, tells him that through "magic" she will make her appear.

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She also pledges to help Silvius and Phebe. Touchstone tells Audrey that they, too, will be married on the morrow. The next day, Rosalind reveals her true identity; and she and Orlando, Oliver and Celia, and Silvius and Phebe are married before the banished Duke.

The newly united couples dance, and Rosalind speaks the epilogue. Estimated Reading Time This play should take the average student about five hours to read.Shakespeare is the master artist in creating romantic comedy.

With the ushered notes of “Much Ado about nothing,” “Twelfth Night”, his “As you like it” add the beauty to romantic smell.

A Romantic Comedy The Merchant of Venice is one of Shakespeare’s romantic comedies, probably written in and , and forms one of a group of such comedies, along with The Two Gentlemen of Verona, As You Like It, and Twelfth Night.

of memorializing and shaping of Shakespeare’s critical reputati on was the pub- of Venice, As You Like It, The Taming of the Shrew, All’s Well that Ends Well, devoted entirely to the analysis of his works (an industry founded by John.

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Summary. Plot Overview How to Write Literary Analysis; Suggested Essay Topics; How To Cite No Fear As You Like It; How to Cite This SparkNote; Purchase on As You Like It (No Fear .

As You Like It a Romantic Comedy; As You Like It a Romantic Comedy. Words Jun 18th, The Merchant of Venice as a Romantic Comedy - Critical Analysis Shakespeare's Sonnets & Romantic Love in As You Like It Shakespeare's comedy As You Like It is clearly a pastoral comedy with a country setting, a theme revolving .

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