Company law problem question running a business

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Company law problem question running a business

Company Law Sample Questions

I choose Freedom plan. In that I paid lump sum amount and was told that I would be getting 1 hour daily free internet time extra time will be charged at Rs.

However, when the bill came I was shocked to see the bill made in such a way that if I have used internet for about 70 minutes then they have charged it for one hour by running next ten minutes to one hour. If I have used it for two hour five minutes I am supposed to pay for two hours because extra one hour and five minutes is taken as two hour.

Services are also horrible and their claim that they provide fast service is also false. I will like to mention here that when MTNL offered their service they openly claimed that their service is slow but they will improve it. The response of the company is bad and they are bent upon cheating people.

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Section to of the Companies Act, provide provide interalia for amalgamation of companies through order of the court. In understand that once the transferor company merge with the transferee company, existence of transferor company is lost by virtue of court order.

In the light of above my question are: Is my understanding correct? What is the difference between loss of existence of company by way of liquadation and winding up.

This section contemplates amalgamation of companies without reference to court ; does it means that after complying with all the formalities amalgamation in real sense i.

Is existence of the transfer of company is lost by virtue of this provision. With respect to your query on Section to of the Companies Act, it is correct that once amalgamation take place under Section to of the Companies Act, the existence of transferor company is lost by virtue of court order.

With respect to your query no. Regarding your query of amalgamation under Sectioni. In this case also the usual mode is for the acquire company, i. If the offer is accepted by all the transferor company shareholders, there is no problem. The merit of this scheme is that without resort to tedious court procedures take over is effected.

Only in the cases where the dissenting shareholders interest, the procedure describe by the section will have to be followed. It provides machinery for adequately safeguarding the rights of the dissenting shareholders also.

Section applies only where there is a scheme and in there is not scheme or contract involving transfer of shares the section will not apply. Furthermore, for the section there must be a transfer company and transferee company.

The Transferee Company must be a company registered under the Act. It will depend on the scheme of the contract as to what will happen to the Transferor Company.

I have not yet registered my. Please tell me as to how should I pay the taxes concerned on the revenues earned through it. If you have not got the company registered with the Registrar of Companies then you would be taxed as association of persons or if you are the sole controller then as proprietorship.

Company law problem question running a business

I have noticed that some companies are registering themselves as export oriented company in Software Parks set up by the Government, to get the full benefit of various schemes as per the recent budget.

But they carry no such activity, instead they have no such export businesses as stated by them in the legal document. This registration is taking place with customs department with full excise inspection. I request you to tell me certain foolproof methods to bring the culprit to book of law.

Whom should I approach for justice.

Company law problem question running a business

You should make the Finance Ministry, Ministry of Industries, the Custom Authorities and Excise Authorities alongwith the companies indulging in the said illegal activities as party to the said writ petition.Article updated Sept.

3, Having been a startup lawyer, entrepreneur, and venture capitalist, I have been asked many of the following questions over the years from entrepreneurs when starting a business. COMPANY LAW problem question watch. Announcements.

was incorporated in by Ms Latifah Delightful to own and run a wholesale cosmetics business. Ms Delightful had established the business as a sole trader in , and sold the business to LDC on incorporation in exchange for 85 fully paid ordinary shares in LDC. Ms . May 18,  · Running a Business ; Business failed.

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Multiple questions. Running a Business; Browse My husband was approached by a friend about a business opportunity. The company the friend worked offered him a location provided he give first month's rent plus an extra fee.

it will likely not be found illegal in the eyes of the law. . Starting and Running a Manufacturing Business, manufactured product and the manufacturing company as a whole.

Protecting your rights and your By federal law, any person who “invents or discovers any new and useful process, machine, manufacture, or. Jan 07,  · Running a small business can be equal parts rewarding and challenging.

Be secure in handling your business affairs by being well-informed about contracts, licensing and permits, and labor in this forum for legal direction on the day-to-day of running a small business. Chapter 7 Directors’ Duties DIRECTORS AND COMPANY LAW Introduction While companies are treated by English law as being distinct legal persons, all of the activities of a company must necessarily be conducted through the medium of human beings.

business, that usually the company in general meeting cannot overrule the directors provided.

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