Essay on price hike of essential commodities

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Essay on price hike of essential commodities

Price-hike means the unusual increase in the prices of daily necessaries. Nowadays, it is a common phenomenon in Bangladesh and the problem is getting worse day by day. Market syndicate is mostly responsible for this price-hike in Bangladesh.

Besides, some dishonest people store essential commodities with a view to making huge profit and thus contribute to increase prices. Other factors which causes price-hike are less agricultural production due to natural disaster, lack of raw-materials, want of speedy communication, political instabilities, money inflation in national level etc.

Price-hike created a deplorable condition in our society. Lives of general public have been posed to a great threat. Prices of essential commodities have gone beyond the capacity of the poor and the fixed income people. More or less, almost people of all classes are suffering from the problem of price-hike.

It is a problem which can not be solved overnight. The Government should take both immediate and long term drastic steps to reduce price-hike.

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Any syndicate activities are to be suppressed boldly and inflation of money should be controlled. Agricultural sector should be given priority in the annual budget. At the same time, public awareness should also be raised in price-hike. Alternative Price Hike Paragraph: There was a big price hike of essentials in Bangladesh in the months of September and October.

We all experienced it in the market while shopping. All the newspaper of the country published the news with great concern. The hike was a widely talked subject everywhere in Bangladesh. The prices of almost all of commodities rose beyond the reach of the poor and the middle class people.

The most expensive items were vegetables, specially brinjal and green chili. The price hiked was caused prolonged untimely flood in the country. The holy month of Ramadan also contributed a lot to it. Because people, during this month, try to buy and consume some of these items more than in other months.

The flood had damaged our crops and disrupted rail and road communication. This also worsened the problem. Some dishonest businessman made the best use of the situation. They earned illegal and immoral profits at the cost of our sufferings. The common people, who always bear the burnt of price hike, reacted patiently.

They knew that they were helpless. I felt for the poor people but i have nothing to do. The Government formed monitoring cells to control the price hike.

The law enforcing agencies were developed to fight corruption. Import of essentials was encouraged by the government through tax-cuts. But nothing seemed to prove fruitful.

The rich and the business class should come forward to ensure proper distribution of the commodities. Now we should do research work to overcome price hikes in future.This is an example page.

It’s different from a blog post because it will stay in one place and will show up in your site navigation (in most themes). Essay on Rising Prices of Essential Commodities – Essay 4 ( words) Introduction.

In India, certain commodities have been classified as essential commodities as per the Essential Commodities .

Essay on price hike of essential commodities

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Essay on price hike of essential commodities

Essay on price hike of essential commodities. Uncategorized. No steak for tea.. instead a nice essay on the need for london to improve it's transport network and the implications on investment banking.

phd dissertation poscher. ap bio essay about myself. Price Hike of Essential Commodities Sujon Ahmed, Dhaka, 10 January:More than ever the prices of essential commodities are going up by leaps and bounds. All previous records of high prices have already been broken.

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