Essay on rainy season in india for children

After the excessive heat in summer, there is a cry for water everywhere, for nothing can live without water. Then the clouds bring showers.

Essay on rainy season in india for children

May 26, By Omna Roy Introduction: The monsoon is generally referred to the season of rain. In India, it starts in the middle of June and continues after August.

Essay on Rainy Season in India | Monsoon Season | Essay for students

The sky remains mostly cloudy. How rain is formed? Rain is caused by condensing water vapor in the air. The heat of the sun rays raises the temperature of the water on the earth. Thus, water starts evaporating and fills vapor in the atmosphere with. This vapor forms the clouds that give us rain. Sometimes the rain is accompanied with lightning and storms.

The rains provide relief from heat. Youngsters and poets enjoy the season. It is the time for indoor games, story-reading and story-telling. It is also the season for umbrellas and waterproofs. The temperature remains pleasant during the monsoon. In India, we get rainfall for around months.

The agriculture of our country mainly depends upon water from rainfall. During this season, the ground water is replenished.

The wells, lakes, ponds and reservoirs are filled with rain water. Without rain-water, these lands would turn into barren deserts.

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Every year, we wait for the monsoon forecast from the weather department. Our heart gets filled with joy when we get the news of adequate monsoon. Rain is of immense value to the cultivators.Of all the seasons in India, rainy season is awaited the most. India is a hot country and rain is thus very beautiful and pleasant.

The temperature during summers crosses 45 degrees thus making the lands hot and parched and the ponds and tanks dry. Essay on Importance of Rainy Season – Essay 5 ( words) Importance of Rainy Season for Nature.

Rainy season is the lovely season for all of us. Generally, it begins in the month of July and ends in September. It comes after the hot summer season. Essay on Rainy Season in English for Children and Students | Short Essay on Monsoon (Rainy Season) | Essay on Rainy Season in India | Monsoon Season | Essay for students | Monsoon Season Rainy Days Rain Essay English School Students | Essay on Rainy Season in English for Class 1 to Class 10 | Rainy Season English Essay- My Favourite Season.

Essay on Seasons in India for Children and Students

Mar 07,  · Short Speech Essay on Rainy Season in India (Monsoon) in English After long and hot summer, the first drizzle of rain brings back smile on our faces.

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Essay on rainy season in india for children

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Monsoon refers to the seasonal reversal of winds along with corresponding changes in precipitation. The primary reason behind Monsoon is a shift in global wind patterns, causing excessive rainfall.

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