How to write a budget constraint

Draw a budget constraint given this information. First we have to figure out his income, to do this we multiply the quantity of each good consumed by the price, and hopefully the total amount his income will be the same for each possible distribution.

How to write a budget constraint

The Concept of Budget Constraint Explained with Examples A budget constraint is a representation of the quantities and prices of various goods that can be purchased within a specified budget. OpinionFront explores the concept of budget constraint with examples.

how to write a budget constraint

The term is used differently in economics and related disciplines. Budget constraint analytics prove useful in determining consumer choices.

This concept can be better explained using graphs with corresponding values. The paragraphs below will explain the budget constraint equation, formula, and graphs, along with suitable examples.

Everyone of us designates a stipulated amount every month from our salary for household expenses, which include expenses for food, clothing, daily utilities, repair, bill payments, etc. Now, these expenses heavily depend on your lifestyle and your way of expenditure.

For example, if you have a designated budget, you might buy only a particular brand of coffee beans instead of buying a more expensive brand. Or, you may pay a smaller installment on your house every month because you need some amount to save.

If the market situation changes, i. Or, you may reduce your electricity and water usage so as to save on your bills.

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These situations arise because you need to maintain your budget and your expenditure. This is called budget constraint, in layman terms. The concept of budget constraint in microeconomics though, is almost based on similar terms. If the consumer has a predetermined budget and he needs to buy goods, he has to consider the prices and quantities of those goods, and manage the purchases such that they fit exactly within his budget.

The aim is to maximize your utility. Example Consider a very basic example. Assume that a customer has USD 20 in his hands, and he has to buy apples and oranges. In this case, the customer has to adjust his purchases such that the total cost adds up to the money he has on hand.

Therefore, you can formulate a budget constraint equation as follows: From this, we can deduce a simple budget constraint formula as follows: In the above graph, the X and Y axes denote the goods, i. Let the Y axis indicate oranges, and the X axis indicate apples. The point on the Y axis indicates that the entire income has been spent on oranges.

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Therefore, the point 0, 5 has been plotted, indicating that the total purchase is 5 oranges. Similarly, on the X axis, the point 10, 0 has been plotted, indicating that the total purchase is 10 apples.

Technically, this means that one orange must be reduced to be able to buy 2 more apples. For an individual, his intertemporal budget constraint is the total spending limit he defines, i.

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Analyzing an intertemporal budget constraint helps deduce future income and future expenditure. Example Mathematically, assume that over 2 separate time periods, incomes i1 and i2 are earned. The consumptions in these periods are c1 and c2, and the corresponding prices are p1 and p2.

If an individual does not save any money, his income is going to be equal to his consumption, i. Thus, the incomes can be directly plotted on the graphs, making it a basic budget constraint diagram. Now, assume that the consumer has had no expenses in the first period, thus, making his savings equal to his entire income.

Let the interest rate be r.

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This will also be the total expenditure if the consumer spends it all, i. Now, contrary to the first assumption, let the total expenditure in the first period be equal to the income. In this case, the consumer has to borrow. This graph represents an intertemporal budget constraint, depicting the expenditures and incomes when the consumer chooses to save or borrow.

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Over financial and investing definitions, with links between related terms. So, write down the budget constraint for each period! – clueless Apr 13 '16 at thanks for sorting out the symbols!

yeah s is definitely not in the answer but I don't understand why either! Would you know how to write down the budget constraints for each period? – svenja Apr 13 '16 at the set of options that is defined and limited by a budget constraint.

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how to write a budget constraint

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Budget Constraint 2. Utility Maximization Write the Lagrangian L = C X C Y + h I PC X CX PC Y CY i. Plug in the budget constraint into the objec-tive function by choosing one of . Oct 20,  · I think this is it the budget constraint would be P_x (x)+P_y(y)=I 10c+20b= now see what value you would get if you spent all of your income on books.

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