Lambeth writing a cover

Lambeth council to retake control of housing in the borough and end Lambeth Living" Decidendi 18 February, at 1:

Lambeth writing a cover

Their mother and litigation friend, Nicol Campbell seeks an order quashing the assessment and directing a fresh one. The challenge is brought on the basis that the procedure followed by London Borough of Lambeth Lambeth to carry out the assessment was not procedurally fair in that Miss Campbell was not given an opportunity to correct an adverse view of her honesty when the defendant determined whether the claimants were in jeopardy of homelessness and destitution.

To protect the anonymity of the child claimants the court has ordered that they be referred to as AC and SH. Nicol Campbell is Jamaican national and has leave to remain in the United Kingdom until 19th July She is permitted to work but has not found suitable paid work.

She may not have recourse to public funds, although she has sought release from that limitation, unsuccessfully on two occasions and awaits a decision on her latest attempt. She is the single parent of her two children half-siblings born in the United Kingdom: AC aged 10, having been born in November also a Jamaican national and SH aged 4, having been born in April who is a British citizen.

By the time of the assessment both children attended school or nursery from at least 9am to 3. Miss Campbell states that from until late the family lived at an address in Brixton with her mother, KM, who has indefinite leave to remain in the United Kingdom.

There is no evidence that Miss Campbell challenged this conclusion or the basis for it. There is reference within the notes for this assessment that on 30th January during a home visit to the family Miss Campbell had said that she was living with her mother and cousin and that she had been given notice to quit the property on 1st February Mr [F] is a British National.

He visits "once in a while and sometimes provides milk for the baby and will help out when he can. In January the Home Office wrote to Miss Campbell to inform her of the success of her application for leave to remain. The basis for that leave was, "Your daughter [SH] is a British citizen and you have supported sic that her father [DH], who is considered a settled person in the UK has a genuine and subsisting relationship with her and it is therefore not deemed to be reasonable to expect her to leave the UK.

In September the Home Office rejected an application from Miss Campbell for recourse to public funds made on the basis that she and the claimants were destitute. She was told that the onus was on her to provide evidence of destitution and insufficient evidence had been provided.

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She had told the Home Office that she was living in accommodation provided by a cousin who wished to evict her family because he wanted to offer it to a tenant.

She apparently provided two notices requiring her to leave in support of her application. These were said to come from the cousin but she had not provided any tenancy agreement, eviction notice or any further documentation to prove she was living at the address concerned.

The Home Office also pointed out that she had not evidenced her assertion that she had been actively looking for work.

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Furthermore, at that time the family was said to be being supported by the parish church and Kids Company. In December the family approached Lambeth Social Services for assistance. Lambeth said it would conduct a s. As to the ongoing s. To complete the assessment I need you to prove the following information; 1.

Please provide for the last 5 years details of all addresses and the dates that you have lived in. Please provide details the friends who have provided these accommodations and the reason why this support was ended.

Please provide information as to how you were supporting yourself and meeting the needs of yourself and your family at each address you have lived in. Please provide details of any employment you have been engaged in.Sale Description: Monthly Sale of Antiques, Jewellery and Furniture Monthly Sale of Antiques, Jewellery and Furniture with many lots from house clearances to be sold without reserve and all to be sold 'as seen'.

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lambeth writing a cover

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