Minor characters in a story

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Minor characters in a story

Potato Head often referred to as simply Potato Head is a Brooklyn-accented doll based on the real-life toy Mr. Potato Head by Playskool.

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He is an outspoken and sarcastic potato-shaped toy: He also has a compartment on his lower back to store extra appendages. He is capable of retaining control over his parts even if they are several meters away from his main body. For example, he can still see if one or both of his detachable eyes are removed, as well as being able to move his hands if they are detached.

Minor characters in a story

The same thing applies to his "Mrs. While this attribute is mostly used for comedic effect i. After Buzz is knocked out of the window, Potato Head perhaps due to his jealously towards Woody, and wanting to reclaim his long lost favorite toy position blames Woody for kicking him out, thinking that Woody might do the same to him if Andy plays with him more often, and turns the other toys against Woody and leads a mutiny with them.

Potato Head convinces the others to refuse to help him, still assuming that Woody attacked Buzz. But when they are packed up Mr. Potato Head is still unhappy because he is stuck with Rex as a moving buddy and put in a moving truck.

Later when Woody catches up with them and tosses RC onto the street to rescue Buzz, Potato Head, still distrusting Woody and perhaps still eager to reclaim his favorite toy positionorders the other toys to mutiny again, and "toss him overboard", however, when Bo Peep reveals that "Woody was telling the truth," the toys realize their mistake.

At the end of the film, he is surprised to hear Molly receiving Mrs. Potato Head for her Christmas present and promptly decides to shave by removing his mustache. Later, when they are going to leave, Mrs.

Potato Head packs some extra pair of shoes and angry eyes on his back compartment. Potato Head gets one of his feet stuck in a chewing gum and has to pull his foot off the gum before the pipe can crush him. When the toys leave the apartment after Al leaves with Woody, Potato Head throws his hat like a frisbee to jam the closing doors, letting the toys pass through.

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Outside, he is the first to spot an idling Pizza Planet delivery truck nearby. He later saves the alien toys from flying out the window.

In the airport, when he sees the luggage area, he gasps and his angry eyes and pair of shoes come out after his compartment opens. He feels annoyed when the aliens repeatedly express their eternal gratefulness towards him, but after the toys return home in a stolen baggage carrier, he reluctantly gives in when his wife wants to adopt the aliens, much to his dismay.

In an outtake, he is seen taking a dislike with the Barrel of Monkeys, saying he is "drawing the line at monkeys" and wants to call his agent. In Toy Story 3, Potato Head is resentful of the aliens, who still worship him for saving their lives. He is frustrated that Andy "threw them away", when he was actually going to put them in the attic.

Again, Potato Head is the toy most doubtful of Woody when he and the other toys are almost thrown away by accident. Potato Head is excited to get played with in Sunnyside.Minor characters play a very minor role – i.e.

appear for a short time, are mentioned by someone, or just have a few lines – and as a result not much is known about them. Contents[show] List of characters Artillery Artillery (アーティーラリー, Ātīrarī) was a Union that Tōya Kagari defeated after the.

This page is for minor locomotive characters who have appeared in the Railway Series and Thomas& Friends. This Ghost Engine was mentioned in a story Percy told to Thomas and Toby, which his driver told him about the night before.

However, Thomas refused to believe him and Percy's driver Creator(s): Rev. W. Awdry.

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The following is an alphabetical list of the minor characters in the various versions of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, by Douglas benjaminpohle.com descriptions of the characters are accompanied by information on details about appearances and references to the characters.

In a nutshell, the single biggest difference between them is that major characters are three-dimensional and minor characters only two-dimensional. Or to put it another way, major characters are round characters and minors are flat.

The list of minor characters who appeared in the Celtic myths. Minor characters typically have a brief or modest role in a story, but they contribute to the intrigue of the story or the development of main characters. Often, minor characters support the main characters or add value to the evolution of .

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