Should polygamy be legalized

Saturday, June 4, Of Course Polyandry Should Be Legalized Some people think polygamy means one man married to multiple women, but that's polygyny, just one form of polygamy. Some religious groups call that plural marriage.

Should polygamy be legalized

November 29, at 1: Clearly polyamorous relationships ought not to be illegal or even dishonest adulterous ones, for that matter — it is a civil matter, not a legal one and so where do you draw the line?

How do we stop them? Third, more specifically on the cults that practice this sort of horribly oppressive polygyny… Yeah, something needs to be done about that. I hate to say it, but maybe it does make sense to bring these anti-polygamy laws to bear against them, in the same way that Al Capone was busted for tax evasion.

I do not know. Would you take the same attitude towards pedophiles. Is battling pedophilia also zealotry? The under age issue IS one you can approach legally inasmuch as the law defines an age below which a person is presumed not able to understandingly consent to.

This is also Should polygamy be legalized because it applies to heteros, monogamists, polygamists, gays etc. There is no problem with enforcing it consistently.

You are saying that ADULT individuals should be denied the right to engage in a sexual relationship because you disapprove of the behaviors of SOME people who engage in a similar arrangement.

That is the problem. Your obsession with stamping out oppression even among people who may not view it as oppression makes you more than willing to trash basic fundamental personal choices so that no oppressive stone is unturned of course, the state becomes the new oppressor. Not every problem in the world can be solved with laws and police.

Nor can people be rescued who do not want to be rescued certainly not in a free society. Do not decide for people what lifestyle is or is not good for them. Instead, provide legal protection for those who wish to leave.

No more, no less.


Nor can people be rescued who do not want to be rescued certainly not in a free society …. I must note in passing that these are exactly the same issues that come up in the context of burka-ban proposals.

For a start, she never tells us what section actually says or how, if it at all, it has been interpreted judicially. That might be the utilitarian calculation. The problem with a lot of this is that the law is a blunt instrument, especially when it takes the form of sweeping criminal bans.

Even if it is, the wording of the section is clearly going to need to be looked at. Since the section equally criminalises women and men, I suspect that its real purpose is to enforce Christian morality rather than to protect women.

If so, it should be set aside, preferably legislatively rather than through the courts, and preferably at the same time as some sort of legislative package is put forward to give protections to women and children without banning all forms of cohabitation involving more than two people.

According to some links I found, the law originally referred specifically to Mormons, ie. Since apparently no one has even attempted to enforce this turkey in 60 years, no one knows how to interpret it, and I suspect a half-decent lawyer could find half-a-dozen grounds to dismiss the case.

Polygamy refers to multiple spouses of undefined gender. Polygyny is having multiple wives. Even that is not inherently misogynistic, any more than polyandry multiple husbands is misandronistic.

What is wrong with polygamy is that it facilitates and enables domestic abuse, coerced marriage, sexual abuse. Surely legislation could be drafted that made the necessary effort to describe what acts are wrong and prohibit them though there are one thousand little life-destroying inhumanities that make up a repressed life to every large inhumanity, and they may be difficult to capture.

Still I think it is possible to put some legal mechanism in place to prevent it and to recognize it when complaints are brought forward. The concept of segregation does not necessarily entail inequality.

But in practice it facilitated inequality. I think the law should allow marriages to be plural, but require that they be composed of equal numbers of each gender or of one gender alone, a separate issue really.I think it should be legal, but that has nothing to do with gay marriage being legal.

I think polygamy should be legal between consenting adults because I don't see why an adult individual should not be free to make that choice for themselves. I do not believe that polygamy should be legalized in the United States, because this would sanction the practice.

Although polygamy is a practice that has been romanticized on recent television programs, I do not believe that the popular fascination with it should extend to legalization. Mar 07,  · same with polygamy, if it was legal, then "nice" people would be doing it all over the place, the school principal, the doctors and pizza delivery dudes, they'd all have wives.

it wouldn't be creepy and weird anymore. just like how homosexuality has changed.

Should polygamy be legalized

it used to be "creepy and wierd" and associated with pedofiles and etc etc but now. Jan 12,  · Polygamy wouldn't bother me if consenting adults entered into the agreement. The sick part is those fundy churches that make young girls marry who they say, then the man is like a tyrant and they have a whole slew of kids they can't Resolved.

Jun 04,  · Of Course Polyandry Should Be Legalized Some people think polygamy means one man married to multiple women, but that's polygyny, just one form of polygamy. Some religious groups call that plural marriage.

Should Polygamy Be Legalized? By Mike McManus June 4, Polygamy is in the news, again. State authorities raided the Yearning for Zion (YFZ) compound after a year-old called police reporting that she was forced to marry an older man against her will.

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