Troy the movie accuracy

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Troy the movie accuracy

Share Edit Factual error: More than once the sun is seen rising over the sea.

Troy the movie accuracy

But that would be impossible, since the sun rises in the east and the sea around Troy is in the north and west, not in the east. When King Priam is showing Paris the Sword of Troy we get a close-up view of the blade and it looks suspiciously like steel or polished iron, as do a lot of the weapons which we see in this film.

Fall of Troy: the legend and the facts

However, at the time of the Trojan Warcivilization was still very much rooted in the Bronze Age and iron weapons would not have been available. Iron weapons were first used by the Philistines around BC, some years after the Trojan War, and it was still another several hundred years before this technology was ever used.

Probably the most common mistake in all the ancient warfare movies like Troy. The thick leather armour that soldiers wear is almost impossible to pierce with such crudely sharpened swords but they always seem to pierce the armour with effortless ease. The boy who is sent to retrieve Achillesrefers to Boagrius as the Thessalonian, speaking of those from Thessaly.

The term Thessalonian should never even have been known to the boy, much less used by him. At least one riding pad includes a pair of visible stirrups - not invented until sometime in the fourth century A.

Most equipment used by the Greeks, such as the large round shields and Achilles helmet, is from the Classical Period th centuries BC. At the time when the epic is set, the Greeks used small bowl-shaped helmets and light leather shields shaped like the number 8.Saving Mr.

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The Vikings of Bjornstad - The Viking Movie List

May 13,  · Watch video · An adaptation of Homer's great epic, the film follows the assault on Troy by the united Greek forces and chronicles the fates of the men involved/10(K). Factual errors for Troy (). Add more and vote on your favourites!

The Vikings of Bjornstad's. Viking Movie List.

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The legendary ancient city of Troy is very much in the limelight this year: a big budget co-production between the BBC and Netflix: Troy, Fall of a City, recently launched, while Turkey designated.

TROY: Hollywood vs. Homer