Wendys accident

Claims of human body parts turning up in food products are the most horrifying of contaminated food legends, both because of our very strong societal taboo against the eating of human flesh, and because such a discovery suggests a human death, almost certainly one that was accidental rather than natural and which conjures up images of a slow and painful death by industrial accidentor at least a painful dismemberment. Fortunately, improved health and safety standards in food processing make such occurrences quite rare, and most reports of consumers finding body parts in food turn out to be hoaxes, frauds perpetrated to extort money from businesses, or cases of mistaken identity. In the latter case, something that looks like a human body is often found, upon examination by experts, to be something else entirely. See, for example, our page about a scare involving a finger supposedly found in a can of menudo.

Wendys accident

They all include circumstances surrounding alleged violations of consumer law that could result in compensation due to the most important customer of all: See if you qualify for one or more of the following class-action settlements.

Hurry, many of these offers will end faster than it takes to get through most drive-throughs. For more details and to submit a claim by the March 21, deadline, click here. State Farm admits no wrongdoing under the settlement terms. The settlement award will depend upon the number of class members who submit timely and valid claims.

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Class members should be notified by mail, but if you qualify and do not receive a postcard, click here and file a claim by the Jan. Sekure allegedly violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act by calling cell phones to make a sales pitch even when certain numbers were on the National Do Not Call Registry.

Qualified class members should receive a postcard in the mail with a claim ID number on it, but you may also complete a claim form by clicking here by the Nov.

Class members who received such a call on or after Oct. Those who received notice of settlement do not need to submit a claim form, but if your address has changed since you received the robocall or if you did not receive notice of the settlement, click here to file a claim.

Sears denies the allegations but agreed to the settlement to avoid further expenses of ongoing litigation. If so, you could receive a portion of a data breach class-action settlement.

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GameStop notified affected customers about the breach of about 1. GameStop admits no liability under the terms of the data breach class-action settlement.

To make a claim, click here to submit a form supporting documentation by the Dec. Consumers allege the functions of their Suunto dive computers took a dive once placed in the water. Allegedly defective pressure sensors caused the depth and temperature readings to be incorrect.

Class members may qualify for a replacement or repair of their defective Suunto dive computer, but this settlement does not include coverage of claims of wrongful death or personal injury that may have resulted from incorrect readings.

For a full list of affected Suunto dive computers, serial numbers, required documentation and a claim form, click here by the Feb. After several years of litigation, a class-action settlement has been reached for consumers who bought a Cricket phone between July 12, and July 9, Under the settlement, class members are eligible for one of three benefits: Settlement class members will be able to unlock their qualifying CDMA phone, which may allow them to activate the phone with another wireless carrier.

Settlement class members will be able to port an existing wireless number onto a new line of Cricket service without paying an activation fee and receive an additional 1 GB of high speed data for free after maintaining one month of service.

Four Month Data Benefit: Settlement class members who maintain one month of future Cricket service on either an existing or new line of Cricket service will be able to receive 1 GB of free high speed data for up to four subsequent consecutive months of timely prepaid service.

Click here for more details and to submit a claim form by Feb.

Wendys accident

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WENDY & Family Need Your Support - WENDY flew to La Palma in the Canary Islands with her husband Gary on New Year's Eve for a 7 night sunshine getaway.

On only her 3rd night Wendy tripped an fell 10ft over an unguarded wall onto concrete. Gary had to perform CPR and finally managed to resuscitate Wendy on his third attempt. Aug 20,  · Wendy's half-off deal is for a limited time and is good for a small vanilla or chocolate Frosty.

Safest cars for teen drivers: These used cars could save your teen's life in an accident;. Steps to take after being affected by a serious Florida accident Whether it's you, a friend, or a family member that has been injured or killed in an auto accident in Florida, the victim and their relatives could end up facing significant medical bills, lost income, and other costs.

Wendy’s has agreed to pay a $ million class-action settlement over allegations the company failed to protect consumer information from a data breach in ‘crash parts’ installed on or specified for their vehicles or else received monetary compensation determined in relation to the cost of such parts.”.

Four people were sent to the hospital after a pickup truck crashed through a Wendy's in North Strabane Township on Saturday. Gordon Teter, chairman, president and chief executive of Wendy's International Inc., died December 18, The fast-food chain's founder and spokesman Dave Thomas is returning to supervise the company.

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