What is greening the city

United says it is the first airline globally to use sustainable aviation biofuel on an ongoing daily basis and has sourced more than 2 million gallons since It claims responsibility for over half of the industry's current commitments to biofuel usage.

What is greening the city

Lake Nipissing Fishing Report November 26, - 7: We had a planned power outage yesterday morning maintenance which very few people seemed to know about. Hydro One had called regarding the outage and left an automated message before I left for Mexico so I wrote it down.

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We were ready and the generator was going. Be careful out there today folks! Adjust your driving accordingly please! November 24, - 7: Where did all the sun go that was forecasted earlier in the week? Calling for rain and or snow for the next few days and much milder temps then we have been experiencing.

Lake Nipissing is still frozen so hope the ice hangs on this week with no windstorm to break it up. He interviewed me a few years back and is a fun guy. Likely whatever the toddler on my return plane trip home had as she was coughing all over everyone.

November 23, - 8: It peaked out at Last night we reached but the warm front began coming in shortly after midnight and woke up to The normals for overnight this time of year is -7 so yes, we shattered the record.

They are calling for flurries today and rain tomorrow which is a good thing. Since the ice has formed, we need it bare to let the cold form some safe thickness. Too much snow is a bad thing as it insulates. I did my town run yesterday and it was a beautiful day.

What is greening the city

November 22, - 7: Our thermometer is reading this morning but North Bay is recording currently with a wind chill factor of Unfortunately, once the moon peaks tomorrow, warmer weather is due for several days with temperatures going above zero and possibly some rain and snow.

Need several days of with no precipitation to make some good ice but there is still lots of time. So not looking forward to the brutal winter they are forecasting but it is what it is.

Why the ‘Greening’ of Vacant Land Is a Smart Long-Term Investment in Cities – Next City

The only birds still here are the chickadees, blue jays and crows. The injured crow with the broken wing is still around and actually able to fly short distances. November 21, - 8: The wind woke me up this morning as it was howling and when I looked out the window, it looked like a blizzard.

What is greening the city

The winds are suppose to subside later this afternoon. Same thing, different year. Lake freezes, winds gale, ice piles up. Greening Bay is completely frozen but the entrance to the bay from point to point and encompassing Whiskey Island has a perfect line of ice shards.Welcome to the Florabank website - Australia's premier resource for native seed.

Greening Australia's Florabank recognises and shares the best available knowledge from research and practice in native species seed management and supports a professional and informed seed sector, encouraging quality and choice for buyers of native Australian seed.

The Guide to Greening Cities is the first book written from the perspective of municipal leaders with successful, on-the-ground experience working to advance green city goals.

Through personal reflections and interviews with leading municipal staff in cities from San Antonio to Minneapolis, the authors share lessons for cities to lead by. Greening the City is a research, consulting, and education company that uses interdisciplinary evidence-based practice and community engagement for healthier and more sustainable community outcomes.

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Get Hungry. Why the ‘Greening’ of Vacant Land Is a Smart Long-Term Investment in Cities In this excerpt from “The Empty House Next Door,” author Alan Mallach challenges cities to reimagine vacant properties into pocket parks, urban farms and other green space as a permanent commitment to .

Watch video · Greening the city Vo Trong Nghia attempts to return greenery to Vietnam's choking cities and design affordable homes for poor communities. Special series 09 Sep GMT Environment.

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